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About us

NATIONAL DESIGN is driven by the unique opportunities and constraints of site specific projects which evolve through close relationships with clients, artists, and craftsmen. Each project is strengthened through these relationships, grounded in a strong consideration of site, material, and craft resulting in authentic and tactile buildings that aim to enrich their cultural landscape. The work spans a variety of project types, bridging the disciplines of art and architecture through collaborative design. The resulting projects maintain their individuality while retaining a coherent design thread as a complete body of work.

What do Architects do?

Architects provide a Service, not a product. 

Application of technical knowledge.


Prepare drawings that:

  • Design for Owner’s wishes.

  • Accurate enough to pass the Building Permit Process.

  • Detailed enough to Contractors to guarantee a price.


Coordinating with Consultants.

Shepherd the project through a Building Permit Process.

Assistance with Bidding and Selecting a Contractor.

Construction Administration.


Do I need an Architect?

Consultants Needed.

Interested in High Performance building elements?

  • Solar Photovoltaics.

  • Rainscreen.

  • Super-insulated.


Finding a Contractor

  • Pre-selected versus a Competitive Bid.

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